About Blue Ridge Community College

It’s right there in the middle of our name.  It’s the reason we exist.  Blue Ridge Community College serves more than 15,000 students every year –everyone from dual-enrolled high school students to over-65 lifelong learners. Walk through

Local Training. Global Impact.

Blue Ridge Community College believes investing in the local community makes a global impact. Advanced Manufacturing is a booming industry in North Carolina. With a large number of global manufacturers housed locally in Western North Carolina, Blue

[Infographic] Why Blue Ridge: Fast Facts

We are a community passionate about providing education at the highest quality to serve our students and community at the greatest level. (Click to enlarge)

MORE than 50% of Our Students Receive Some Kind of Financial Assistance

WE ARE COMMITTED TO HELPING YOU GET YOUR EDUCATION: Changes are coming to the financial aid process that will make it easier to apply for help and plan ahead for college. Beginning October 1, 2016, students will

Careers That Serve

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a police officer or a fire fighter? Do you want a career that is fulfilling and meaningful? Perhaps you already work in these fields and want to advance your career. Whatever

How Much Does a Public Safety Career Make?

Public Safety Career Salaries The Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, lists the median annual salary for a public safety profession as between $30,000 and $46,000. However, upper-level police detectives and firefighting management are more likely to earn

Wherever You’re Going, We’re Here to Help You Get There

Transferring from Blue Ridge Community College is the smart way to start college, save money and achieve academic goals. There’s no doubt that there are countless advantages to the transfer program at Blue Ridge Community College. We

5 Reasons Blue Ridge is the Savvy Student’s Road to Success

EASE INTO THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE  More than 47% of college students in the United States now attend two-year colleges. It’s the perfect transition step toward your dream university.  With smaller class sizes and a strong commitment to

Train Quickly for an Exciting Career

Blue Ridge Community College can assist with quick and meaningful career enhancements If you’re looking for a job or if you’re not sure what you want to do, consider taking a continuing education course. Continuing education courses

Career and College Promise

Meet Amanda Blue Ridge Community College isn’t just for college students.  In fact, we host an entire high school right here on our campus. We think it’s one of our most exciting programs and Amanda Hilliard does

Start Here, Go Anywhere!

Don’t wait until college to discover your interests, explore career options and earn college credit. What is Career and College Promise? CCP is a program at Blue Ridge that allows high school juniors and seniors to simultaneously

Business Degrees: The Flexible Career Choice

How can you go wrong with a business degree? Enough said. A business education Are you interested in positioning yourself for a better entry-level opportunity, getting your bachelor’s degree in business, or perhaps vying for a promotion

Ready to Jump In? How to Apply to Blue Ridge:

 STEP 1: Discover your options. Learn more about the programs and courses at Blue Ridge Community College. We encourage you to speak with a Student Services Admission Counselor, or make an appointment to talk with a career counselor

[Quiz] Are Online Classes a Good Fit For Me?

1. Feeling that I am physically part of a class is a.  not necessary. b.  somewhat important. c.  very important. 2. I generally a.  get things done ahead of time. b.  need reminders, but get things done on

Experience Blue Ridge Community College: Campus Life

College is so much more than the classes you take.  Our campus celebrates your differences, encourages your passions and seeks to broaden your interests, as you use each class and every conversation to prepare yourself for your

Blue Ridge Community College Guide to Careers

Whether you want to earn a diploma or a degree, learn new job skills, experience hands-on training, or transfer to a four-year college or university, Blue Ridge Community College has a wealth of programs from which to

NCWorks Career Centers at Blue Ridge Community College

Did you ever wish there was a someone to help you work on your résumé, practice for a job interview or unlock the secret to finding one of the 80% of jobs that are never even advertised? NCWorks

Coming This Fall: Health Sciences Center

Fall 2016 is a major milestone for Henderson County. Through the collaboration of Pardee Hospital, Henderson County, the City of Hendersonville, Wingate University and Blue Ridge Community College. the most advanced technologies and services will be offered